Apr 25, 2010

markets, fairs, and shops, oh my!

Last week was a really crazy and busy one for me business wise. But it was also a very exciting one and an important new step for me and the biz.

Early in the week I finished up the large consignment order for NoFo and dropped off all the slippers. They immediately put them out on the floor for sale, so I can now officially say that you can find original Broken Hallelujah Accessories designs at NoFo in the Forum!

It's still a little bit unbelievable to me that I can say my items are for sale in a brick &  mortar shop here in town, but it's true. I stopped by on Saturday to see how things were going and to grab a few pictures of my items out on the floor. And it looks like they may have already sold 3 or 4 pairs of the slippers in just the past few days. Always good news to know a new adventure is going well.

I also had my very first craft fair on this past Thursday. It was held on the UNC Wilmington campus and was part of a fund raiser for the creative writing department. It was a brand new show, and I was brand new at doing shows, but I think it was a success for both of us. There was a nice turnout of vendors from the local area and I got to meet so many nice people including the lovely ladies of Glynne's Soaps who I had been twitter friends with previously and a fellow Etsian, Heather, who runs Sawgrass Candles.

Here's a quick picture I snapped of my very first craft show set up:

And me working the table:

I also started my season at the Carolina Beach farmer's market on Saturday, which was even better than I had hoped for! So many  nice people stopped by to compliment my work and I had a great time selling. I hope the rest of the season is even better. I didn't manage to snap a picture of my set up at the farmer's market before things started to pick up. But each show has been a learning experience and I'm adjusting my displays, table set up, "sales pitch", etc. as I go.

Now that the craziness has calmed down a bit, I think I'll use today to relax and catch up on some overdue Etsy orders that need to be shipped out.

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The Hat Shop said...

That's really awesome. I've been thinking about trying to get a spot at the flea market but hadn't thought of the farmer's market here in Raleigh. I'm glad that you're having success with selling in person!

Devin said...

Congratulations - you've had an incredible past few weeks! I'm excited for you, especially for the farmer's market. Also, you look adorable at the craft show beneath your little umbrellas! Way to go :)