Aug 27, 2009

back to school.

Everyone seems to be headed back to school around this time of year. While I'm not headed back myself, I still love shopping through fun back-to-school items. Here's some great handmade items perfect for heading back into the classroom (or just oogling).
These adorable apple name tags are perfect for labeling items on the way back to school and making sure nothing is lost. Plus they are so bright & cute! You can find them in MiChiMa's etsy shop for only $3.
Sleevy's beautiful crochet notebook sleeves are officially drool worthy. They are offered in wonderful, sophisticated color schemes and heading back to school is the perfect excuse to pick up one today. You can find them in sleevy's shop for $50.
And finally, you can't go back to class without a great notebook to doodle in. This one Baghy is gorgeous leather embellished with a wonderful flower-esque design. You can find this (and other wonder journals) in Baghy's shop. This one is only $32.

2 shared a thought:

Pattie said...

love the little apples :) So cute!!

Leah said...

I love the apples too, I just discovered your little crochet purses on etsy, they are so so sweet!