Jan 19, 2009

three day weekend

To enjoy our three-day weekend this week, Andy and I decided to (finally) visit the Houston Zoo on Saturday. We'd been talking about going for ages now, and we finally had a good excuse with the free time we've been enjoying. It was a great zoo and the weather was so nice. It had been chilly the entire week before, but a nice warm front came through just in time and warmed us up to about 70F - perfect zoo weather. Andy and I love visiting zoos, so we spent most the afternoon wondering around and enjoying the atmosphere and talking with some of the zoo keepers. I always love finding out about the individual animals and learning who has had babies recently, etc. I thinking working at a zoo would be great fun, even if just for a little bit. I find the level of bonding between keepers and their animals amazing. It's something you don't really get to experience working with animals in the field. After the zoo we decided to find a movie theater to see if we could catch a movie that hasn't been released in our parts of the woods. We ended up at an Angelika theater downtown in the theater district (seems appropriate).
I've driven through downtown Houston many times, but never actually stopped. After Hurricane Ike last September I wasn't sure what to expect but everything was very clean and calm and the streets weren't very busy, either. We decided to see Slumdog Millionaire. I was iffy about this movie until it began sweeping the awards. After seeing it for myself, I must say, it completely deserved every award. It was so great! If you have a chance to see this movie I definitely recommend it. I have seen a lot of great movies this year, but this one is my favorite so far. It had the perfect mix of everything - romance, comedy, drama, suspense. Wonderful movie! After the movie we headed out of town in search of a restaurant on the way back home and found a great Japanese place that was delicious and just what I needed after the very active day (and stressful city driving). It was a long, but super fun day! The rest of the weekend we've just been a bit lazy. Watching tv, doing shopping. This afternoon we're headed to check out another movie: Last Chance Harvey. One last little escape before heading back to work tomorrow. I hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy MLK Day and I hope everyone gets a chance to watch the Inauguration tomorrow!

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Tracy said...

Your on a roll with the movies...LOL! We're hoping to see Slum Dog and Harvery soon too...I enjoy your recommendations. And always great to catch up and see what you're crafting. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))