Jan 28, 2009

ready for spring?

Remember a few posts back when I teased you with the new crochet project I was working on? It's alright if you don't; you can click here to brush up your memory.

I finished it a while ago, but have either been too lazy or the sun had just decided to hide for a whole week straight so I hadn't gotten around to taking pictures of it finished until today. And now it's listed in the etsy shop so this bright, light, lacy hat can be yours! It was crocheted from a new bamboo-acrylic blend yarn in a beautiful robin egg's blue and comes with the flower accessory. 
This, and of course many more fun crocheted goods are all available in the shop. It's still chilly outside, so be sure to stop by and check out the fun new slippers that are being added along with great new hats to keep your toes and ears warm! Plus new cotton cloths that are great for use around the house and last much longer than plastic sponges or scrubbers. 

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Tracy said...

Lovely little hat! I'm sure the color alone, working on it lifted your spirits a bit...I was sorry to see your earlier post about your doubts about the future. I'm sorry you are in a tough place right now. Science is not something I am too good at...never was...But I empathize with your not being able to get into school. It reminds me so much of my own college experience. I hope very much a path will be presented to you...which leads to the door of your dreams coming true. :o) ((HUGS))