Feb 21, 2007

15 minutes of fame.

I woke up this morning to a very excited AIM message from Jenn screaming at me that I was on the etsy front page. So of course, like anyone who has never been featured on the front page before I hurried over there and there were my Bunny Foo-Foo slippers!!! By the time I got out of class at 10am, they were already sold. So my front page fame was short lived, but completely worth it. I never ever thought I'd be on the front page. School, on the other hand, not so glamorous. I dropped a beaker of boiling water down my front today in my Chemistry lab and ended up with burns and blisters on my right thigh. Right now I'm relying on antibiotic, ibuprofen, and chocolate to take the pain away. At least I'm done for the day...

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Anonymous said...

Its funny how you can rip off someone else's ideas and then get featured on the front page. NICE.

Being a student and needing all the money you can get makes sense that you would feel you need to start ripping other peoples ideas and designs off. Maybe you should think of the people your ripping off, the mothers just trying to buy food and diapers. Ever think about them??

Jennifer said...

Dear Anonymous,

I would like to point out that with you posting as Anonymous, there is probably no way that Brandy knows she is copying someone. If you've got the guts to accuse her of stealing ideas, you have the guts to come out into the open.

I don't know where you get off accusing her of stealing anything when there are TONS AND TONS of people that make crocheted items of all sorts. If she were to say, "Original Slippers by Brandy" and state that they were her idea and only her idea, then yes there would be a problem.

And did you know that there are more programs for mothers that have no money then there are for students? The programs would pay for books, tuitition and housing. When WIC will get mothers and kids food, shelter and all the rest.

Do not try to come off as some holier then thou crocheter. I don't care who you are or if you created yarn, you have NO RIGHT to accuse her of anything.

Get off your high invisible horse, and show yourself. Otherwise, shut the hell up.